Always wondering what might have been

As I rode up to the gate of our apartment complex, a wave of relief washed over me. But all I felt was grief, grief for my old life, grief for what might have been. I used to dream about all the things I could be doing, the things I could say to make everyone fall in love with me, and the women I could be pursuing.

But most importantly, I believe we needed those experiences back then because they are what transformed us into the people we are now. If only we could live in both worlds simultaneously, testing out these alternate lives to find our best path.

As pointless as I know it is, I started to wonder, once again, what would have happened had we not chosen to pursue a life as expats. In different circumstances, in another world, how far could Southampton have gone? Chair and Classic Design in Singapore an analysis of the topic of scientific through forming arguments Now.

What might have been? If only we could live in both worlds simultaneously, testing out these alternate lives to find our best path. My only wish was to get through it as quickly as possible and then throw myself into the real world, where I knew I would acquire my own way of education by just living life and seeking it myself.

Should we go with the flow or paddle against it? They had an impact, but something had already changed in the game.

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If you skipped the video from the beginning of this article, I encourage you to go back and watch it or click here. And yes, our lives probably would be different had we done it differently.

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Liverpool should just buy Southampton, they laughed. View photos Fernando Hierro struggled to get the best out of Spain Reuters More That was never more shown up than in the mind-numbing last hour of the defeat to Russia, when they kept pointlessly passing and passing and passing, only for Rodrigo and Iago Aspas to immediately prove they were brought on far too late.

The Hawkeyes must live with that. I can finally stop pedaling, the pain is over. Wipe away memories of Danny Hope and Darrell Hazell running the show here. I started to wonder what might have been. I chose to row downstream, to think that even when the rapids whisk me into the rocks and the current pulls me under that the bruises will heal and I will float on top of the water in a version of life I never even knew existed.

To go out to them is bad enough.But all I felt was grief, grief for my old life, grief for what might have been.

See, what I didn’t tell you is that I was the slowest one on the ride, that there were so many times when I wanted to quit and I felt ashamed because of it. They will all always be left wondering what might have been had it not come to that situation. They had a brilliant chance to win a second World Cup, and go down in history.

This will instead go. Wondering what if is the scariest thing in the world. This article will remind you how to get yourself to take action when you want to, ignoring failure. Feb 15,  · “You always wonder what he would have been doing,” Nancy said through tears. “His friends at Hopkins are interviewing for jobs and looking at grad schools, and we wish that was us.”.

We just have to make sure that we don't dwell on those thoughts that creep in about what might have been. Everything we've done has brought us here.

Go back and change one thing and everything after that changes. Whether it’s pining over a job we didn’t get, lamenting the one that got away, or wishing we could change parts of our past, it’s easy to constantly play the “if only” game and wonder what might have been.

We convince ourselves we would be happier if certain circumstances .

Always wondering what might have been
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