An analysis of handgun control

There were passages in the text that were transparently anti-gun in nature, often echoing word-by-word memes from con control organizations. Far from advancing the cause of rational gun control, such attitudes actually retard it by creating "straw men" which aid the gun lobby in diverting p.

The evidence from surveys both of civilians and of felons is that actual defensive handgun uses are enormously more frequent than has previously been realized. This evidence likewise cuts An analysis of handgun control against severe statutory restrictions based on the belief that handgun ownership offers few social benefits to offset the harms associated with it.

There is no evidence indicating any significant actual increases in household gun ownership; the majority of southern households have guns without being prodded by an ordinance requiring it, and undoubtedly the same was true of Kennesaw.

The anti-gun justification for using the idiosyncratic lawful homicide statistics is that, until recently, those have been the only available data from which the extent of civilian defensive gun use could be inferred.

Jason was there too, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In contrast, civilian vigilantism appears p. Yet the results are both more mixed and more complex than the gun lobby would like to admit.

Many studies suggest, however, that--for whatever reason--gun control laws do not succeed in reducing violence. In short, you cannot go wrong with the. Consider the failure to differentiate men from women in noting that over a fifteen year period "'only 23 burglars, robbers, intruders This does not excuse the misleading selection and manipulation of such data.

Others, such as requiring loaded chamber indicatorsare controversial.

Gun Control Research Analysis

Across all calibers, if you break down the incapacitations based on where the bullet hit you will see some useful information. This is primarily driven by mass shootings related to domestic or family violence, in which over 40 percent of fatalities were children.

But before either aspect of defensive gun ownership can be analyzed empirically, certain ethical or cultural concerns must be addressed--if only because they have so often intruded into, and more or less subtly obfuscated, purportedly empirical discussions of these issues.

Proud to support wildforcongress in PA According to a study, after this law was passed, firearm-related suicides and homicides, as well as the percentage of suicides involving firearms, declined significantly in that country.

Handgun Control Inc.

Learn more about the. This second data source consists of formal and informal surveys taken among inmates of various federal and state prisons over the past two decades. This is because JHP rounds have better penetration in case an attacker hides behind an object such as a doorway or sheet rock wall that a JHP bullet can penetrate.

The second definitional problem involves distinguishing actual use of a gun to thwart a crime in progress hereinafter described as "defensive-use" from the deterrent effect of victim arms possession in dissuading criminals from attempting a crime at all hereinafter described p.

While qualitatively the evil of vigilantism is the same whether committed by civilians or police, quantitatively only police vigilantism is a major social problem today.

Gun control

Owners should also consider carrying two Glasers as the first rounds to be fired, and JHP loads for the rest. To bodyguard just those women would exhaust the resources of the nation's largest police department, leaving no officers available for street patrol, traffic control, crime detection, apprehension of perpetrators, responding to emergency calls, and so on.

Czech CZ75 and CZ Of course, those who appraise probabilities more realistically than the gun lobby will conclude that many times even armed victims will not be able to defeat a criminal.

While this may be true, it does not suggest that gun p. It does not follow, however, that we must accede to gun lobby arguments against the need for rational control. It could be that fewer rounds would have stopped the attacker given enough time but the ability to fire more quickly resulted in more hits being put onto the attacker.

Yet, on the other hand, most Americans also reject the childish pro-gun shibboleth that it is enough to outlaw murder and other violent crime--and thus superfluous to reinforce such laws by sensible, prophylactic controls on weapons that may be used to commit violence.

A common theme throughout their analyses has been that victims rarely use guns against burglars because burglars take care to strike only unoccupied premises. However, it does not provide a basis for formulating a new policy. The report admits that a small number of high density cities are responsible for nearly all traced crime guns, with NYC and the adjoining part of Long Island being the majority.

The Cor-Bon and grain hollow points are considered the best for self-defense. These provide a crucial tool for intervention when a person exhibits dangerous behaviors.

The earliest known use of the term "Saturday night special" in print is in the August 17, issue of The New York Times.

This makes it a poor choice for a self-defense caliber. The Police as a Source of Personal Protection for Individual Citizens Another possible rationale for classifying defensive gun ownership as paranoid is because the existence of a professional police force renders personal self defense obsolete.

In other words, many or most of these guns may have been legally acquired and brought into the state by people moving there.Jan 16,  · Analysis: With gun control, Obama takes political chance. The beauty of a second term presidency, at least for the man in the Oval Office, is that political calculations become less important.

Using FBI data and media reports, Everytown for Gun Safety developed an analysis of mass shootings that took place between January and December In politicizing mass murders, gun control advocates, such as President Obama, insist that more laws against firearms can enhance public safety.

Over and over again, there are calls for common sense. Many aspects of the gun control issue are best measured and sometimes can only be measured through surveys, but the accuracy of such surveys depends upon respondents providing truthful answers to questions that are sometimes controversial and potentially incriminating.

Thus, Just Facts uses this data critically, citing the best-designed surveys we find, detailing their inner workings in our. Thanks for the tips on what to look for when buying your first handgun, they were very helpful. I agree that one of the best things you can do when looking for a gun is to go shoot the gun and make sure it feels good, the feel in your hands is a big factor.

I’ve been interested in firearm stopping power for a very long time. I remember reading Handguns magazine back in the late s when Evan Marshall was .

An analysis of handgun control
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