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There was only one English essays 500 words. Shock heads, hairy, crumpled faces, hollow chests, flat feet, sagging muscles—every kind of malformation and physical rottenness were there.

In the case of accidents involving vehicles there are many causes. But I could get nothing into perspective. Then we put my handkerchief through its collar and moved off once more, with the dog still straining and whimpering. It is said that a shift always returns from work faster than it goes; nevertheless the miners all say that it is the coming away after a hard day's work, that is especially irksome.

A newspaper can be a window to the world. People know by hearsay that Bill Sikes was a burglar and that Mr Micawber had a bald head, just as they know by hearsay that Moses was found in a basket of bulrushes and saw the 'back parts' of the Lord.

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At six, the gates swung open and we shuffled in. It was several minutes before someone managed to catch the dog. You try walking head down as the miners do, and then you bang your backbone. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use.

They would come in and demand some rare and expensive book, would make us promise over and over again to keep it for them, and then would vanish never to return. Also there is the track for the coal tubs, like a miniature railway track with sleepers a foot or two apart, which is tiresome to walk on.

It clearly explains how to apply Patanjali's profound philosophical teachings in everyday life, in any situation. After breakfast we had to undress again for the medical inspection, which is a precaution against smallpox. Plus, your commentary is so understandable to a western mind that I have been using readings from it to my classes at the beginning of class as we center.

All this was perplexing and upsetting. In the old days the miners used to cut straight into the coal with pick and crowbar—a very slow job because coal, when lying in its virgin state, is almost as hard as rock.

The people expected it of me and I had got to do it; I could feel their two thousand wills pressing me forward, irresistibly. Six greasy, slippery roller towels had to serve for the lot of us. The landscapes of Burma, which, when I was among them, so appalled me as to assume the qualities of nightmare, afterwards stayed so hauntingly in my mind that I was obliged to write a novel about them to get rid of them.

At each step his muscles slid neatly into place, the lock of hair on his scalp danced up and down, his feet printed themselves on the wet gravel. We hurried into our clothes, and then went to the dining-room to bolt our breakfast.

You don't want to go encouraging of them. However, it is not enough simply to follow a clear structure, as there are many smaller details, which need to be taken into account.

For they are not only shifting monstrous quantities of coal, they are also doing, it in a position that doubles or trebles the work. Normally each o man has to clear a space four or five yards wide.

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All at once everyone began chattering gaily. He was dying, very slowly and in great agony, but in some world remote from me where not even a bullet could damage him further.

Many of the people in Sheffield or Manchester, if they smelled the air along the Cornish cliffs, would probably declare that it had no taste in it.

But the real reason why I should not like to be in the book trade for life is that while I was in it I lost my love of books. It is easy to say that miners don't mind all this.

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Write a story based on this line: "By evening, she was running a high fever " Far up in the mountains of Canada, there is an old abandoned log cabin. This is the place where you can read online different ideas of writing letters, applications, stories, comprehension passages and quizzes.

Moreover, you will see here the English vocabulary tests with challenges, paragraph topics, useful Idioms and tenses exercises.

English essays 500 words
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