Essay on working mothers are better caretakers

However, it can also have certain disadvantages and I am sure my worthy opponents would agree-those children of stay at home Moms tend to become more dependent on their mothers. They can prepare healthy nutritious meals for them and look after them.

Quite often, the working class negates attention to their children. Moreover, they have to depend upon caretakers to look after their children who are left unattended at home.

Some of us have given up that hope and learnt to accept that nothing can be done about it. They are living life to the fullest.

Short Essay on Stay at Home Moms vs. Working Moms

For every child to grow he or she will need resources in his growth. It was alright for women to handle all the chores as long as they were homemakers.

Working Mothers Essay Sample

There is a general notion among a lot of people that stay at home moms do not need to hire a maid. They need to feel that their work is important, and necessary, and that they are not sacrificing their child's well being in order to benefit themselves.

These children also, have a chance to benefit from their educated parents who most of the times are well off in terms of academic prowess. Women have started sleeping lesser than before because only when they wake up early they can cook for the family, get themselves ready for the job, get their children ready for the schools, so on an average, women lost 2 hours of sleep per day and up to 14 hours sleep per week.

Since he was the breadwinner, it gave him the perception that bringing home the money was sufficient work, that it was all the work he had to do. If all these factors are taken into consideration, the transition to working mom will be that much easier for the entire family and the child will not suffer.

The parent enables the child to attain personality that is characterized with love and courage. I Have tried covering the different fields in which women work, to give my project a broader outlook and to be able to get a more accurate analysis. Employment and childbearing Decisions of Mothers of Young Children.

But is there such a thing? When workplaces provide flexible scheduling and childcare services, these are the first steps in getting working mothers into the workforce and alleviate their feelings of guilt. Throughout the history of man, women have stayed home and taken care of the family and home with rarely any assistance from the husband.

Mothers teach their children independence, curiosity, and ambition. But I believe that it is all about balance. If all these factors are taken into consideration, the transition to working mom will be that much easier for the entire family and the child will not suffer.

When the mother considers the idea of working and raising a family, many things need to be considered. They are constantly feeling what everyone is thinking, and this in turn causes undue stress on these mothers.

However, having the same things expected of you as are expected of a single woman or a male colleague can take its toll on your health.

If the scales were balanced, it would seem that they would either be cruel heartless women, simply concerned with their jobs, and caring less about their children. Furthermore, a working woman is always able to hold a conversation with another adult, as her intellectual skills are constantly improved with the help of work.

Reprinted from Quality of care attributions to employed versus stay-at-home mothers by Shpancer et al.

Essay/Term paper: Working mothers

Or because their family needs that additional income? When the non-working mother is close to the child especially at the tender age, it helps to develop a close bond between the mother and the child.

Short Essay on Stay at Home Moms vs. Working Moms

Parents can take advantage of these skills to assist children in their growth. They want to stand on their own two feet, to become a self-sustaining individual, free of dependence on another individual.

Working Mothers vs. Stay at Home Mothers

The mothers need a support system in order to survive the roller coaster involved when they go back to work.The mothers who work i.e. are working have to compromise in terms of motherly emotions and miss all the first words, steps and activities for kids. This way she has to end up with all her feeling just to earn a little more for her kids and family.

Single mothers, in addition is playing a significant contribution in the professional, they use their time with effort and dedication to work in home, a work that results in the education of children, caring for household members, organization and address chores, provide food, cleaning and repair of housing, care of clothing and footwear.

The research study in “Quality of Care Attributions to Employed Versus Stay-at-Home Mothers”, asked participants to watch videos of stay at home mothers and working mothers with their children and determine which mother provided better quality of care.

When the working mothers has five years’ experience in work, teenagers who get higher grades with working mothers will improve the mental well-being among the mothers who work (Children of working mums do better at school, ).

Working mothers who work in part time have more space in a day to spend with children and focus on their education. The issue of being a working mother is associated with numerous benefits and drawbacks at the same time. If you are trying to figure out what would be better for you and your child, it is high time to weigh all pros and cons of being a working mother on the one hand and staying at home with a child on the other.

Working Mothers Day. International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. Every single woman at home prefers to work in order to balance the financial and the other basic needs of the family.

Essay on working mothers are better caretakers
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