The story of the good brahmin

They were all of my opinion, and yet not one of them could be found, to accept of happiness on the terms of being ignorant. The biographical sketch at Malaspina Great Books.

While I teach others I know nothing myself. Others think they know a little something, and promptly get lost in ridiculous, pompous, empty ideas. I am sometimes ready to fall into despair, when I think that after all my dedication and seeking I know neither where I come from, nor what I am, nor where I am going, nor what shall become of me when this life is over.

I put the matter before some philosophers, and they were of my opinion.

Story of a Good Brahmin

What does it matter whether one has brains or not? It is a matter for much talk. It seemed that no one was any more reasonable or honest than he.

From this I concluded that though we greatly value happiness, we place even greater value on reason. I must return an answer, but can say nothing satisfactory on the the subject.

Like all the other contradictions. From which I conclude that if we consider the question of happiness we must consider still more the question of reason. I am composed of matter: Such a state of affairs fills my soul with so much humiliation and disgust that my life is intolerable.

I retire to my home stricken at my own curiosity and ignorance. Furthermore, he was rich and consequently, all the wiser, because, lacking nothing, he needed to deceive nobody.

He was also very rich, and his riches added greatly to his popularity; for, wanting nothing that wealth could procure, he had no desire to defraud any one. She had never pondered for a single moment of her life over a single one of the points that tormented the Brahmin.

Everything increases my anguish. No one obviously needs philosophy to do well in life -- to fall in love or to succeed in business or to derive pleasure from leisurely activities. How is this contradiction to be explained?

The Good Brahmin

I consulted my own heart and found that I myself should not wish to be happy on condition of being ignorant. She had not, for the briefest moment in her life, had a thought about these subjects with which the good Bramin had so tormented himself. But yet, upon reflection, it seems that to prefer reason to happiness is to be quite insane.Voltaire's Story Of The Good Brahmin.

One of the commonest criticisms of philosophy is that it doesn't bear fruit -- that despite years of speculating and reasoning, philosophers have very little to show for themselves.

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Story of a Good Brahmin

Showing Rating details. Trivia About Story of a Good B No trivia or quizzes yet/5(18). I read the story to find out if he is using "good Brahman" as oxymoron or stereotype. It sounded more like "is the Brahman's choice a good one?" Choosing to be unhappy for not understanding the essence of hs reality over being happy with someth.

Voltaire. Story of a Good Brahmin. translated by H.

The Good Brahmin

I. Woolf. For an introduction to Voltaire, check out one of the following: Voltaire: Author and Philosopher at LucidCafé.; The biographical sketch at Malaspina Great Books.; On my travels I met an old Brahmin, a very wise man, of marked intellect and great agronumericus.comrmore, he was rich and.

Dec 12,  · The Story of A Good Brahmin [This is an interesting short story on philosophy written by Voltaire(), one of the great French writers. Travelling through India, I met an old gentleman of the highest caste, a Brahmin, a very wise man, witty and learned.

The story of the good brahmin
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