Why the germans supported the nazi

Most Germans took the road that Traudl Junge took -- supporting their government in time of deep crisis. Also, keep in mind that under the Nazi system Hitler had the sole prerogative of deciding whether to send the nation into war.

So here were two separate roads taken by German citizens. In fact, my hunch is that very few Americans realize that Social Security, public schooling, Medicare, and Medicaid have their ideological roots in German socialism.

Indeed, what are the chances that any American is going to make such a demand under those circumstances? Even after the outbreak of the war, when the severity of the Nazi threat to Jews skyrocketed, the constantly shifting maze of U.

There are two big problems with that argument, however. Hitler proclaimed that the arson marked the start of a communist uprising. Hitler therefore led a short-lived coalition government formed with the German Why the germans supported the nazi People's Party. Hitler followed the time-honored script by dramatically announcing that Germany had been attacked by Poland, requiring Germany to defend herself with a counterattack and an invasion of Poland.

Keep in mind that at the time the Scholls were caught distributing their anti-war and anti-government leaflets — — Germany was fighting a war for its survival on two fronts: Many Germans felt that their government would never lie to them about a matter as important as war.

From the first grade in public i. The Nazi party in Germany, starting as early asdiscriminated against various people primarily because Adolf Hitler espoused in his book Mein Kampf My Struggle a belief in the innate superiority of "racially pure" Germans over other people the Nazis called Untermenschenor subhumans.

In the ever-growing crisis environment of the s, millions of other ordinary Germans also came to support their government, enthusiastically cheering their leaders, supporting their policies, and sending their children into national service and looking the other way when the government became abusive.

In that way, it was believed, the government, rather than the individual citizen, would bear the legal and moral consequences for wrongful acts that the government was committing secretly.

Many made a point of avoiding conspicuous difference, and some went out of their way to be thoroughly German. Ever since the chaos of World War I had given rise to the Russian Revolution, Germany faced the distinct possibility of being taken over by the communists a threat that materialized into reality for East Germans at the end of World War II.

Of all the essays on liberty I have written in the past 20 years, my favorite is " The White Rose: Few were clear-sighted or willing enough to analyze what lay behind the "achievements," to reject the gross inhumanity on which Germany's rebuilding had been founded, to perceive the undermining of governmental structures and ruination of Reich finances that was taking place, above all, to comprehend the colossal risks for the country's very existence involved in the regime's course of action.

He — and he alone — had the power to decide whether to go to war. The same sentiment could be heard elsewhere.

The Führer Myth: How Hitler Won Over the German People

It is from a book by Albert Speer about the Nuremberg criminals who served time in Spandau prison in Berlin for their crimes. Recognizing and opposing evil Some might argue that Germans, unlike people in other nations, should not have trusted and supported their government officials during the war because it was obvious that Hitler and his henchmen were evil.

The story of the White Rose is one of the most remarkable stories of courage in history. Hitler was an exceptional orrator. Long before the rise of the Nazis there had been other political and social movements which promoted the idea that Germans and other "white" skinned Anglo-Saxon peoples were somehow racially superior Hitler was never able to understand why the Anglo-Saxon English did not throw in with him against the rest of the world since Hitler thought they were racially nearly identical to the Germans.

Why did Germans support Hitler and Nazi party during WWII and before?

Opinion surveys long after the end of the Second World War show that many people, even then, continued to associate these "achievements" positively with Hitler. Most likely, he would have been invited inside the compound, as a permanent guest with a very shortened life span.

The ever-present danger of Soviet communism led many Germans to gravitate to the support of their government, just as it later moved many Americans to support big government and a strong military-industrial complex in their country throughout the Cold War.

They promised to strengthen the economy and provide jobs. All these factors come together to empathy the fact Hitler mainly used terror to intimidate the German people from questioning the Nazi Party.

Even as late as U.

Nazi Germany

They were asking German citizens, both civilian and military, to make an independent judgment on both the Hitler regime and the war, to judge both the government and the war as immoral and illegitimate, and to take the necessary steps to put a stop to both.

And hatred, for any reason, has no place in it.Why the German people supported Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime agronumericus.com History Why Germans Supported Hitler. key Menu. Jacob G.

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Hornberger - It has long intrigued me why the German people supported Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. After all, every schoolchild in America is taught that Hitler and his Nazi cohorts were.

Hope, desperation, brainwashing and peer pressure were major reasons why Germans supported the policies of Hitler. For the most part, Germans hoped for a new leader to make their country great. E) Why did people support the Nazis? 4. Germany as a state.

But the German Sturmer, moderate Mood, manipulation or money: why did Germans vote Nazi? Some historians have laid great stress on the emotional appeal of the Nazis, via a charismatic leader, symbols and rallies, to the many people who felt alienated in Germany at the.

Why Germans Supported Hitler By Jacob G. Hornberger. 07/23/07 "FFF" - -It has long intrigued me why the German people supported Adolf Hitler and his Nazi agronumericus.com all, every schoolchild in America is taught that Hitler and his Nazi cohorts were the very epitome of evil.

Why did so many Germans support Hitler?

Who are the German Nazi party members?

by Tyler Cowen March 30, The ordinary members of the SS thus appear to have agreed with the Nazi leadership that it was right to kill the Jews, but disagreed with Himmler’s policy of not letting them individually profit from the crime.

And the penalties for an SS man caught stealing could be. E) Why did people support the Nazis? 4. Germany as a state.

But the German Sturmer, moderate ACTIVITY 9 We will begin to investigate the reasons why some people voted for the Nazis by examining Nazi propaganda in the form of leaflets and posters.

Why the germans supported the nazi
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