Year 10 non fiction exam preparation

They get recorded and are available for future viewing as well. To enable students to write with accuracy and fluency creating a coherent structure to their work.

Stand out from the crowd: Kitty Harris is a tutor at Tavistock Tutors. Across both key stages, students are exposed to an array of fiction and non-fiction texts as well as poetry from different cultures.

Fiction text types

To start with at least getting enjoyment from what they are reading and reading every day are the important things to achieve. Get familiar with some language techniques Language papers To maximise your marks in the language paper, get familiar with some language techniques such as similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia.

Speaking and listening Students will gain confidence through giving short speeches and presentations and taking part in debates or role plays.

Staging A View From The Bridge

You will normally take the Speaking Test in pairs. In an 11 Plus exam children may face questions such as this: Speaking and listening is assessed within class and students are awarded a separate Spoken Language grade.

Whilst you read them, write down the different themes that emerge; look for relevant quotes that exemplify how the writer has created a certain effect or theme. Even if you look at various online CAT coaching programs, they cost anywhere from Rs. These will help you prepare for CAT in a systematic way.

He is always available on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Quora — we do not know how he manages that.

These include filling gaps, transforming words and phrases, and identifying errors in texts. I have also been extensively involved in curriculum and skill development programs for VCE English and Literature which has allowed me to evaluate what strategies work best with students studying English.

I am eager to use the materials this fall.

Unseen Fiction Preparation Packs for AQA GCSE English Language – Secrets & Lies and Diffability

These articles contain various shortcuts, tips, and tricks which will help you excel in the CAT exam. Make a cup of tea and have a biscuit or go and tidy your room your parents will love that.

Will I get access to entire set of videos in one go? The key thing is that children are regularly exposed to various classic authors so they are not thrown by the comprehension which can often be a rather difficult text. The level of differentiation is very helpful when teaching mixed ability.

They also contain previous year CAT questions with various shortcuts, tips, and tricks. They will develop understanding of language, structure and form to prepare for GCSE.

Students are constantly encouraged to reflect upon their own work and to always seek to improve once given feedback. As far as the content is concerned, it is available as an excel sheet in the answer to the first question.

The frequency of classes will be increased to two classes per week by March With respect to strategy and exam preparation tips, you can just call and talk to Ravi Sir. However, we will continue to add more content as and when required. The texts used for analysis are high quality and engaging… The activities are differentiated and could be used with a range of abilities.

This paper additionally requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and control of the language system by completing various tasks at text and sentence level.

It contains four parts, including an interview section, individual long turns of about one minute, a collaborative task and a discussion.

SATs Revision

The course is to help students to prepare for the Cambridge B2 First exam. Sometimes novels and plays are adapted to films so see if you can find a copy and watch those to refresh your memory of the plot line. Speaking and listening Students will be taught to use Standard English with confidence through questioning and taking part in class discussions and debates.This product is a comprehensive text structure unit built around a reading workshop (balanced literacy) methodology.

Through your use of this unit you will expose your students to authentic, non-fiction texts and teach them not only HOW to identify text structure, but WHY identifying text structure helps us become better readers. The Literature in English Test contains questions on poetry, drama, biography, the essay, the short.

story, the novel, criticism, literary theory, and the scores to some extent through preparation a few weeks or months before you take the test, last minute cramming is unlikely to be of further help.

Choice of genre will include high quality journalism, articles, reports, essays, travel writing, accounts, sketches, letters, diaries, autobiography and biographical passages or other appropriate non-fiction and literary non-fiction forms.

Sep 27,  · Staging A View From The Bridge Posted on September 27, September 27, by missnorat This week our learning objective has been to understand how Miller would have liked the play to be staged.

I started CAT preparation months before the exam and only joined your course.

Reading non-fiction texts

I got 86 %ile in CAT and the whole credit goes to you. You are a great teacher and many of your tricks actually do come in handy while giving exam Last year I had scored only 43 %ile. 10 Books Non-Geek Parents of Geeks Need to Read 45 Novels Written In the 19th Century That Deserve a Place on the Modern Bookshelf Club Deception Author Sarah Skilton on Magic-Themed Books for Every Kind of Reader.

Year 10 non fiction exam preparation
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